Program History

Farmington Fastpitch Softball Program History:

State Champions: 2000, 2005, 2011

• State Runner-Up: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2018, 2019

• State Semi-Final: 1998, 1999, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2021

• State Quarter-Final: 2009, 2012

• State Tournament: 2006, 2008, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017

• Regional Tournament: 2014

• Undefeated Seasons: 2020 (3-0, *COVID-19 season)

• Randy Osnes Career Record: 592-158

2021 Honors

2021 All State: Shayley Treat, Carson Griggs, and Grace Boatright

2021 All Star Nominees: Shayley Treat, Carson Griggs

2021 All State Tournament Team: Carson Griggs

2021 All Conference: Shayley Treat, Carson Griggs, Grace Boatright, Kamryn Uher, Remington Adams, Drew Clifford, Kennedy Griggs

2021 All Conference 2nd Team: Justine Davidson, Reese Shirey, Isabella Hulsey

2021 All Star Coach Nominee: Randy Osnes (25 Year Career Record: 592-158)

2019 Honors

2019 All State: McKenzi Bogan, Alyssa Reed, Kally Stout

2019 All Star: Alyssa Reed

2019 All Star Nominee: Madison Parrish, Eliana Landwehr

2019 All State Tournament Team: McKenzie Bogan, Alyssa Reed

2019 NWADG All Arkansas Preps First Team: Kally Stout

2019 NWADG All Arkansas Preps Underclass Team: Grace Boatwright

2019 All Conference: Paige Anderson, Remington Adams, Shayley Treat

2019 All Conference 2nd Team: Cambre Strange

2018 Honors:

2018 All State: Carley Antwine, Paige Devecsery, Alyssa Reed

2018 All Conference: Madison Parrish, Kally Stout, McKenzi Bogan, Paige Anderson, Shayley Treat

2018 All Conference 2nd Team: Camryn Journagan, Eliana Marano

2018 Showcase Participants: Alyssa Reed, Madison Parrish

2018 All Star Game: Carley Antwine

2018 5A Coach of the Year: Randy Osnes

Randy Osnes of Farmington is the All-NWADG Divi­sion I Soft­ball Coach of the Year.

2017 Honors:

2017 All State: Callie Harper, Brandy Wallace

2017 All Conference: Paige Devecsery, Alyssa Reed, Brandy Wallace, Callie Harper, Carley Antwine, Anna Bennett, Madison Parrish.

2017 Showcase Participants: Paige Devecsery, Alyssa Reed

2017 All Star Game: Brandy Wallace, Randy Osnes (West Head Coach)

2016 Honors

2016 All-State: Brandy Wallace, Callie Harper

2016 Junior/Sophomore Classic Showcase: Brandy Wallace, Paige Devecsery

2016 AAAAA West All-Conference: Paige Devecsery, Alyssa Reed, Madison Parrish, Carley Antwine

2015 Honors

2015 All-Star: Brooke Larkin

2015 All-State: Brooke Larkin

2015 Junior/Sophomore Classic Showcase: Brandy Wallace

2015 1-AAAAA All-Conference: Brooke Larkin, Mackenzie Sill, Bethany Doty, Brandy Wallace

2014 Honors

2014 All-Star: Oakley Sisemore

2014 All-State: Oakley Sisemore, Brooke Larkin

2014 NWA Online Area Player of the Year: Brooke Larkin

2014 All-Star Coach of the Year Nominee: Randy Osnes

2014 Junior Classic Showcase: Bethany Doty, Brooke Larkin

2014 1-AAAA All-Conference: Brooke Larkin, Lindsey Blackburn, Jordin Smith, Oakley Sisemore, Sara Beth Jones, Lauren Blackburn, Paige Purifoy, Bethany Doty

2013 All 1-AAAA Conference 2nd Team: Brooklyn Keeling

2013 Honors

2013 All-Star: Payton Wiedner

2013 All-State: Payton Wiedner. Oakley Sisemore

2013 AR Democrat-Gazette All-Arkansas Team: Payton Wiedner

2013 Junior Classic Showcase: Lindsey Blackburn, Oakley Sisemore

2013 1-AAAA Coach of the Year: Randy Osnes

2013 1-AAAA Assistant Coach of the Year: Steve Morgan

2013 All 1-AAAA Conference Players: Payton Wiedner, Brooke Larkin, Lindsey Blackburn, Jordin Smith, Oakley Sisemore, Sara Beth Jones, Lauren Blackburn

2013 All 1-AAAA Conference 2nd Team: Maria McPherson, Brianna Center, Christy Moore

2013 All 1-AAAA Conference Hon. Mention: Janna Doss

2012 Honors

2012 All-NWA Media Softball Coach of the Year: Randy Osnes

2012 All-Star Head Coach: Randy Osnes

2012 All-Star: Madison Barnes

2012 All-State: Madison Barnes, Kendra Center

2012 AR Democrat-Gazette All-Arkansas Team: TBA

2012 All State Tournament Players: Madison Barnes

2012 Junior Classic Showcase: Peyton Wiedner, TBA

2012 All 1-AAAA Conference: Payton Wiedner, Kendra Center, Madison Barnes, Brooke Larkin

2012 All 1-AAAA Conference 2nd Team: Jordin Smith, Lindsey Blackburn, Jessica Foster

2012 All 1-AAAA Conference -Hon. Mention: Lauren Blackburn, Oakley Sisemore, Sara Beth Jones

2011 Honors

2011 All-Star: Kala Crisp

2011 All-State: Kala Crisp, Michaela Larabee, Madison Barnes

2011 AR Democrat-Gazette All-Arkansas Team: Samantha Combs, Kala Crisp

2011 All State Tournament Players: Madison Barnes (Most Outstanding Player), Kelsie Stewart, Kala Crisp

2011 Junior Classic Showcase: Madison Barnes, Kendra Center

2011 All 1-AAAA Conference: Kala Crisp, Samantha Combs, Jayme Doss, Payton Wiedner, Michaela Larabee, Kendra Center, Kylee Lewis, Kelsie Stewart, Madison Barnes

2011 All 1-AAAA Conference 2nd Team: Christian Parker

2010 Honors

2010 All State: Jordan Stevens, Kala Crisp, Michaela Larabee

2010 All-Star Nominees: Jordan Stevens, Teighlor Williams, Katy Chavis

2010 All State Tournament Player: Katy Chavis

2010 Junior Classic Showcase: Kala Crisp, Michaela Larabee, Samantha Combs

2010 All 1-AAAA Conference: Jordan Stevens, Kala Crisp, Michaela Larabee, Katy Chavis, Samantha Combs, Kelsie Stewart, Madison Barnes, Payton Wiedner

2009 Honors:

2009 All State, All-Star: Skyler Smith, Samantha Luther

2009 All State Tournament: Lacey Kragel

2009 Junior Classic Showcase: Teighlor Williams, Katy Chavis

2009 All 1-AAAA Conference: Skyler Smith, Morgan Clark, Lacey Kragel, Samantha Luther, Shelby Culver

2008 Honors:

2008 All State: Lacey Kragel, Skyler Smith, Samantha Luther

2008 Senior All-Star: Kelly Helton

2008 Junior Classic Showcase: Skyler Smith, Samantha Luther

2008 All 1-AAAA Conference: Lacey Kragel, Skyler Smith, Morgan Clark, Kelly Helton, Shelby Culver, Samantha Luther, Kala Crisp

2008 2nd Team All-Conference: Ashley Gourley, Katy Chavis

2007 Honors:

2007 All State: Lacey Kragel, Skyler Smith

2007 Senior All Star: Chelsea Morgan

2007 Junior Classic All-Star: Kelly Helton

2007 All 1-AAAA Conference: Lacey Kragel, Skyler Smith, Chelsea Morgan, Morgan Clark, Kelly Helton, Shelby Culver, Samantha Luther, Amanda Anderson, Miranda Burnett

2006 Honors:

2006 All State: Bailey Harp, Abby Hutchins

2006 Regional Tournament MVP: Abby Hutchins

2006 All Regional Tournament Team: Natasha Walker, Samantha Luther, Miranda Burnett

2006 Senior All Stars: Abby Hutchins, Bailey Harp

2006 All District Tournament Team: Natasha Walker, Abby Hutchins, Amanda Anderson, Bailey Harp

2006 All 4AAA Conference: Natasha Walker, Whitney Rosebeary, Amanda Anderson, Chelsea Morgan, Samantha Luther, Miranda Burnett

2006 Junior Showcase Nominees: Amanda Anderson, Chelsea Morgan

2005 Honors:

2005 State Player of the Year(Ark. Democrat-Gazette): Maegan Davis

2005 State Tournament MVP: Maegan Davis

2005 All State Tournament Team: Maegan Davis, Dara Clark, Amber Drain, Emma Bottorff

2005 All State: Dara Clark, Emma Bottorff

2005 Regional Tournament MVP: Danielle Dirks

2005 All Regional Tournament Team: Maegan Davis, Amber Drain, Emma Bottorff, Danielle Dirks

2005 Senior All Star Head Coach: Randy Osnes

2005 Senior All Star Nominees: Maegan Davis, Dara Clark

2005 All District Tournament: Maegan Davis, Dara Clark, Emma Bottorff, Abby Hutchins, Bailey Harp, Amber Drain, Whitney McKee

2005 All 4AAA Conference: Maegan Davis, Erin Wright, Danielle Dirks, Amber Drain

2005 Junior Showcase Nominees: Bailey Harp, Abby Hutchins

2004 Honors:

2004 Senior All Star Nominee: Mattie Rogers

2004 All State: Bailey Harp, Maegan Davis, Danielle Dirks

2004 All State Tournament Team: Dara Clark

2003 Honors:

2003 Senior All Star Nominees: Cassy Long, Ashley Davis

2003 All State: Cassy Long, Ashley Davis

2003 All State Tournament: Cassy Long, Ashley Davis