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From the 2024 PARENT MEETING 

Wednesday, January 24th:

The booster club provides a small scholarship to every girl who graduates through our program and enrolls in school next fall.  All we require for the scholarship is for the girls to bring us a copy of their class schedule once they are fully enrolled in school and then we write them a check.  It's not a lot, but it might cover some books. 

If anyone wants to sign up or knows of a business who would like to become a booster club member and you need another form to sign up, I have attached it below.  I believe most got one last night, but if not, you can print from here.  You can drop them by my office anytime 7:30-3:30 or send it with your daughter to Coach Shirey and he will make sure we get it. 

For those who asked about getting seats last night: $40 a seat and will get you a pass that gets you into regular season games for each seat you purchase.  it doesn't guarantee you your seat during tournaments though only regular season games.

We will have a link soon to order some shirts and things to represent Cardinal Softball.  I'll send that link out once I get it.  Thanks to Jocelyn Sills for getting this started for us!

Senior parents, I will send out the concession stand schedule again this morning with updated shifts.  Please let me know if there are 3 shifts you can work if you haven't already.  I will then send down to the next group to sign up.  We appreciate everyone who has already signed up to help this season!

Just 39 days until the first pitch!

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